Are you looking for a YUMI tailored project? the development team is available to provide a customized solution, for the realization of an automated system for ice-cream cone and cups preparation and service.

Automated Ice-cream Window

Linear window equipped with inox trays and forced ventilation prearrangement, bent or flat glasses, led lights, incorporated tight fridge air compressor type R404A, fros-free system, rolling blind shades, inox stand side, front plate with luminous flavours indicator, color customization of front and side panels, compressor housing module with inox grilles. Made to measure window, ready to be fixed to the metal frame.

Man-like robot and linear translatory unit

ABB collaborative robot type YUMI with two arms; the first arm is provided with a catch for the scoop used to pick the ice-cream; the second arm hold the cone previously collected from the cone deposit station. The linear translatory unit allows the robot to move along the window longitudinal axis and reach each one of the trays.

Cone collecting station

The device includes a deposit location for the cones; the cones are vertically piled; a proper actuator allows the supply through an aperture at the bottom.

Ice-cream supply station

The station disposes a revolving platform provided with a seating that receives the ice-cream cone prepared by the robot. In particular, the platform revolves from a first position where the seating faces the serving robot, to a second position facing the end user, who is now allowed to pick up the cone.


The device is equipped with all the features needed to grant the safety of the plant. The protection system has an acces point, allowing the action of a operator if needed.

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